Beyond its obvious environmental and aesthetic benefits, The Hunter Lakes Scheme offers tangible economic rewards for the people of the Hunter region. In particular, it will generate significant numbers of construction jobs, as well as ongoing positions in management and small business opportunities in the tourism sector.

In Lusatia, locals express enormous pride in both their area’s industrial history, but also its metamorphosis and adoption of a new economic model. In 2009, the Lusatian lakes added between €10 million and €16 million to the local economy (The Conversation).

Partnerships with the local community, mining companies and their workers, business groups in the region, and all tiers of government are paramount, and the Hunter Lakes Corporation seeks to work alongside stakeholders so that together they can secure the future of the Hunter Valley and provide ongoing employment opportunities whenever mining jobs begin to be phased out. We welcome feedback and comments on the scheme as we partner together to build the future of the region.

Beyond generating local jobs and providing important water resources The Hunter Lakes Scheme will introduce the following new industries:

  • Forestry,
  • Aquaculture,
  • Renewable Energy-floating solar, wind energy and hydro including pumped hydro.


The Scheme will also provide additional land and water for the viticulture and equine industries which are currently dominant in the Hunter.

What’s next?

The scheme will involve all three levels of Government as well as a wide range of stakeholders. It will not be the responsibility of the mining sector. Importantly, the operations of the mining companies will not be impeded. As is currently the case in Germany, the mining operations will remain compatible with the creation of the environmental landscape required for the formation of the lakes.

A master plan will guide the process, balancing ongoing mining and future mine closure timelines with the lakes construction timelines. Local residents, businesses, community groups and organisations of the Hunter Valley region will be truly engaged with their emerging new landscape.