We know from the German experience that new tourist destinations and activities will emerge as a result of the scheme. From watersports and cycling to romantic getaways and open-air theatre shows, the Hunter Lakes will offer something for everyone, and will supplement the already thriving wine industry that draws international and local tourists to the area.

Currently, a significant proportion of visitors to the Hunter are on day trips (Destination NSW). The provision of additional tourist activities within The Hunter Lakes Scheme will encourage overnight stays, further supporting local business by increasing tourist spending.

As has occurred in Lusatia, The Hunter Lakes Scheme will cement the region’s place as a highly sought-after tourism destination, creating additional jobs for locals and supporting the development of transport, cultural and recreational infrastructure that will serve the local communities for decades to come.

Currently, adult singles and couples comprise 60% of domestic overnight travellers. Family groups account for only 14% (Destination NSW). The Hunter Lakes Scheme will offer more family-friendly activities to complement the adult-oriented Hunter wine tourism sector, opening the region up to a new and significant tourism demographic.